Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Omission of E

Words ending in e in the following consonant drop the e before a suffix begging with a vowel:

believe + er =believer
make + ing =making
love +er = lover
take + ing =taking
move +ing =moving

But there are some words that don’t change any e rather it stays like-wise:

dye + ing =dyeing
eye +ing =eyeing or eying  (both are correct)
age + ing =ageing  noted that e remains before except American English

A final e is retained before a suffix beginning with a consonant

engage + ment= engagement
hope +ful=hopeful
manage + ment =management
judge + ment= judgement (UK)  judgment (in America)

The final e is dropped in the following words

argue =argument
due =duly
true  =truly
whole =wholly

Words ending ee don’t drop before suffix:

agree = agreement; agreeing; agreed
free= freely
foresee= foreseeing; foreseeable
seed = seeing; seeded;

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