Monday, 23 May 2016

Idioms and Phrasal Verbs (Part-6)

break in ( a young horse / pony) : train him for use-
You cannot ride a horse before you have been broken in.
break off = terminate:
I have broken off my engagement to her
break off = detach or become detached:
He took the jar of biscuit and broke it off.
break out= to start suddenly
The war broke out between the two countries.
break out in sth= suddenly become covered in sth
His face broke out in red color.
break through=overcome/to make new and important discoveries
Finally we broke through the difficult moment.
The scientist broke through against the fight with the new disease.
break up=to separate into smaller pieces/come to an end
The man broke the log up into many pieces.
The school breaks up at 1.10 pm.
break up (with sb)= to end a relationship
I have broken up with that stupid family.
bring about= to make sth happen
The man has brought about in his behviour
bring sb around=to sb round sb’s house
Bring the family around in our house one day.
bring sth for sb=to return with sth for sb
His father brought some dolls for him
bring sth/sb back =to return sb/sth
Please bring my bag back tomorrow.
bring sb down=to make sb lose power or defeated
The rumour brought the government down.
bring sb/sth forth=to give birth to sb; to produce sth
His wife brought forth a son.

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