Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Incorrect and correct sentences ( Part-4 )

Incorrect:  It is you who is to blame.
Correct: It is you who are to blame.
Incorrect:  He bought ten sheeps and five deers.
Correct: He bought ten sheep and five deer.
Incorrect: The teacher along with his students were present.
Correct: The teacher along with his students was present.
Incorrect: He said that he will go home.
Correct: He said that he would go home.
Incorrect: The man asked the boy who are you?
Correct: The man asked the boy who he was.
Incorrect: I am junior than you.
Correct: I am junior to you.
Incorrect:  The boy was innocent in it.
Correct: The boy was innocent of it.
Incorrect: He will give examination next year.
Correct: He will appear at the examination next year.
Incorrect:  He called me fool.
Correct: He called me a fool.
Incorrect:  This is slip of tongue.
Correct: This is a slip of the tongue.
Incorrect: He gave O’ Level examination in 2010.
Correct: He appeared at the O’ Level examination in 2010.
Incorrect:  Mr. Salman is the eldest man in the village.
Correct:  Mr. Salman is the oldest man in the village.
Incorrect: We should refrain to do it.
Correct: We should refrain from doing it.
Incorrect: The boy has lost the book yesterday.
Correct:  The boy lost the book yesterday.
Incorrect:  I have not never told him this.
Correct:  I have never told him this.
Incorrect:  A little learning is dangerous thing.
Correct:  A little learning is a dangerous thing.
Incorrect:  He is one of the most wisest men.
Correct:  He is one of the wisest men.
Incorrect:  The rice of Bangladesh is better than India.
Correct:  The rice of Bangladesh is better than that of India.
Incorrect: Why you are going there?
Correct: Why are you going there?
Incorrect:  What he said then?
Correct: What did he say then?

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