Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Use of preposition (Part-3)

To mean ‘the last moment of time’ ‘in’ is used.

I shall come back in a week.
He will be back in time.
I shall start my business in this month.

To mean ‘before ending the time’ ‘within’ is used.

The meeting will start within a few minutes.
The will return within one hour.

see the use of during and for


To mean future in is used.
I shall go there in this week.
He will come here in this month.
They will pass in the examination in this year.

To mean past ‘after’ is used.

I did this work after he had come back.
He went to London after a week.
We started our journey after we had arranged properly.

To mean in limitation in is used.

Rajshahi is in the north of Bangladesh.
The man is in the grip of the police.

To mean up of the limit on is used.
India borders on Bangladesh.
The book is on the table.
The child is sleeping on the bed.

To mean out of limit to is used.

Assam is to the North of Bangladesh.
The city is to the country.
He is going to school.


To mean side of anything ‘beside’ is used.
He sat beside me.

To mean additional ‘besides’ is used.

Besides money, he helped in my crisis moment.

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