Wednesday, 4 May 2016

My Mother

The name, mother is the best gift of almighty Allah. This name is sweeter than any other name in the world. There is nobody as affectionate and loving as my mother. My mother is my heart and soul. I live far away from my mother but I cannot live but talking to her even a single day. If I don’t call (phone) or if I am late to call her, she becomes restless and tells my father to get me connected. My mother is a simple woman. She never eats anything without me while I am at home. She says her prayers five times. She always prays for me to almighty Allah for my safety and happiness. She waits for my arrival when I return home. She leads a very simple and ordinary life-style. We are two brothers and one sister. She never makes any partiality with her love for us. She equally renders her love to us. She always advises us to refrain from quarrelling with others. She always tells us to speak the truth and not to do anything that is harmful for others and for me.  She never speaks ill of others in her good sense. She doesn’t like to quarrel with anybody because she thinks it makes the society a chaotic place. She never boasts of anything. She maintains good relations with our relatives and neighbors.  My mother is really the best woman in the world in my eyes. For all of her good qualities our nearest and neighbors respect, like and pray for her. I am really proud of my mother and grateful to the almighty Allah.  I pray to him for my mother’s longevity and hale and hearty.

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