Thursday, 26 May 2016

Idioms and Phrasal Verbs (Part-8)

beggar’s description=extremely shocking to be described
The condition of the poor in the crisis moment is beggar’s description.
beyond question=doubt/confusion about sth
His honesty is now beyond question.
by dint of= by virtue of
They won the game by the dint of their technique.
by fits and starts=irregularly
He goes to school by fits and starts.
by leaps and bounds=very quickly
The tree has grown by and bounds in the  years.
by hook or by crook=in any way
You have to do it by hook or by cook.
by chance=suddenly
The robbers may attack us on the way by chance.
bolt from the blue=a news that is sudden and unexpected
The news of my friend’s death was the bolt from the blue to me.
blue blood=from a royal family
The boy is proud of his blue blood.
call for sth=to need sth
The condition called for instant decision.
call for sb=to collect sb in order to go somewhere
We should call for him at 8 pm.
call sth forth=to produce reaction
The government speech called forth among the people.
call in question= to doubt/suspect
None should call in question in this matter.
call at=to stop at a place for a short time
The train calls at Gagipur.
call sb in=to ask sb for service
We called in the doctor.

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