Thursday, 12 May 2016

Incorrect and correct sentences ( Part-5 )

Incorrect: One should obey his parents.
Correct: One should obey one’s parents.
Incorrect: Mr. Salim has come here yesterday.
Correct: Mr. Salim came here yesterday.
Incorrect: The boy is absent for four days.
Correct: The boy has been absent for four days.
Incorrect: Riches does not stay long.
Correct: Riches do not stay long.
Incorrect:  I bought many furnitures.
Correct: I bought many furniture.
Incorrect: I asked why did he not come yesterday?
Correct: I asked why he did not come yesterday.
Incorrect:  The pen, which he gave me, is lost yesterday.
Correct: The pen, which he gave me, lost yesterday.
Incorrect: He says me fool.
Correct: He calls me a fool.
Incorrect: He lives in the boarding.
Correct: He lives in the boarding house.
Incorrect: He gave me false witness.
Correct: He gave me false evidence. 
Incorrect: Only such girls are wanted who have passed.
Correct: Only such girls as have passed are wanted.
Incorrect: Tell me how are you?
Correct: Tell me how you are.
Incorrect: The police has caught hold of the thief.
Correct: The police has caught the thief.
Incorrect: Each of the boys have passed the examination.
Correct: Each of the boys has passed the examination.
Incorrect: Sooner, the better.
Correct: The sooner, the better.
Incorrect: The man was hung for murder.
Correct: The man was hanged for murder.
Incorrect: Unless you do not work hard you will fail.
Correct: Unless you work hard you will fail.
Incorrect: It is raining for two hours.
Correct: It has been raining for two hours.
Incorrect: He said that he is ill.
Correct: He said that he was ill.
Incorrect: Which pen you wanted?
Correct: Which pen did you want?

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