Friday, 20 May 2016

Idioms and Phrasal Verbs (Part-2)

as if=as though
He is behaving in the way as if he were a member of the parliament.
as it were=used when someone is expressing his or her expression on sth
The speaker told all the members in the parliament house to stop, as it were, they making chaos.
as well=in addition to sb/sth ; too
Are you going as well?
at all=in any way
I don’t like her at all.
at large=as a whole; in general; not captured; free
His killer is moving at large.
The opinion of the people is at large.
at sixes and seven=in disorder; in confusion
He kept his books on the table at sixes and seven.
apple of discord=the main cause of quarrel.
The sharing of the money is the apple of discord between the two men.
at the eleventh hour=at the last moment
The police came here at the eleventh hour of the fighting.
at best=at most
I can give you 500 taka at best.
at the point of =a particular time of stage or development
His life is at the point of death.
at all costs=at any rate
I will help him at all costs.
all but=about
I have all but finished the work.
a hard nut to crack=great problem
The man is now in a hard nut to crack.
a great deal of= a lot of
He ate a great deal of meal in the function.

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