Thursday, 26 May 2016

Idioms and Phrasal Verbs (Part-7)

bring sth forward=to move sth to an earlier date/time
The meeting has been brought forward from 10 to 5 April.
bring sb in=to ask sb to do particular job or to be involved in sth
His father became angry with the son not to bring him in on the decision.
bring sth off=to succeed in doing sth difficult
I have brought the difficult thing off.
bring sb out=make people go on strike
The situation of the country made people out.
The crisis brought my success out.
bring sb round=make sb conscious from unconscious
The doctor bought him round soon with the help of this medicine.
bring sb round to sth=to persuade sb to do sth
He did not do it but we brought him round.
bring sb up=to care for sb by teaching him or her how to behave
He was brought up by his mother after his father had died.
bring sth up=to mention a subject or start to talk about it
You should bring the problem up at the meeting.
bring to light=make secret thing known to others
Don’t bring this secret to light.
by the by=by the way
By the by I won the prize.
burning question=an important or urgent problem
Illiteracy is the burning question in our country.
by all means=of course
We will go there by all means.
by no means=not at all
She will come here by no means.
by means of =with the help of sth
The goods were brought by means of the truck.

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