Thursday, 26 May 2016

Idioms and Phrasal Verbs (Part-10)

come on=to walk on to the stage
The president came on the stage at last.
come out=to be published
The book will come out soon.
come out=to stop work and go out for strike
The workers came out for strike.
come up to=arrive at a place to start anything
He came up to the university to study.
come up to =to reach as far as a particular point
Water came up to my neck.
come out of sth=to be removed from a place where it is fixed; to develop from sth
The ball will not come out of the hole.
cock and a bull story=a story that is not true
The man told a cock and bull story to you.
Crocodile’s tears=to cry pretending to be sad
The girl shed crocodile’s tears.
crying need=urgent need
The book is now the crying need of mine.
do away with sb/yourself=to kill sb/yourself
The kidnapper did away with him last night.
do away with sth=abolish/to make an end
You should do away with your bad habits.
do without=to manage without anyone
She can’t do anything without me.
do up=to fasten
She did her hair alone.
drive off=to leave
The robbers drove off the when the police reached there.
drive sth up/down=to make sth such as rise or fall quickly
The price of daily commodities drives up regularly.

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