Thursday, 14 July 2016

On The Way At Night

One day a man went to the market. He bought many things so it became too late to come back home.  It became a dark night. His house was far from the market. There was no familiar person who could accompany him at the time of returning home. So, he had to begin to come alone. There was a jungle on the way to his house to be crossed. When he came near the jungle he came across a strange man sitting on the branch of a tree in that dark night.  He became afraid of that man.  He asked him who he was and why he was sitting there. But the man did not reply to his question.  He just told him, “ I live near the jungle and have come here to do some work. “
Then the man started to go forward without lengthening his words. Suddenly he guesses that someone is following him. He could hear some strange sounds but he could not see anything around him. The man was somewhat timid so he became frightened. Again all on a sudden he saw another strange woman weeping under a big tree. As the night was dark he could not see her face properly. He asked why she was weeping. She replied that she lost her little child in that jungle. She searched a lot but she could not get. The man wanted to help her find out her child. The woman looked at him strangely.
The man goes forward after a few minutes he noticed the woman was not with him. For this reason he grew more afraid. When he came at the middle of the way, he saw that strange man and woman were eating the flesh of a dead child. Seeing him they looked at him in terrible and bloody eyes.  They began to giggle in fearful way and told, “We are waiting for you, and today you will die at our hands and we will eat your flesh.” They commenced to approach him in gaping eyes.
The man became more frightened and began to tremble in fear by seeing so much terrible scenery in that lonely, creepy jungle and thought him to face the last day of his life. But he tried to escape and started to run. The ghosts ran after him with full speed. At last the man reached a village near to that jungle and met a young man on the way and told him everything. Then he took the man to his house. The two ghosts could not get reach of him so they came back to the jungle. Thus the man was saved from the hands of ghosts. After that night he never turned to the way of that jungle alone at night.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Lailatul Qadar

                    Lailatul Qadar
27th night, in the month of Ramadan is supposed to be the most lucky and glorious night for all the Muslim ummah and thought to be better than 1000 nights. This night is called ‘Lailatul qadar’ the Arabic word. According to the holy Quran, if any person worships Allah, the creator, in this night, he or she will be given the virtue of 1000 nights. Tonight is thought to be that blessing night for all the human beings.  So we should say prayers the whole of this night for sake of getting the favour of almighty Allah. May Allah grant our wish in this night.