Monday, 15 May 2017

Sound maker

Nouns that name animals
Write the noun for the name of the animal and thing that make each of the following sounds
 the purring of a cat
 the barking of a dog
 the trumpeting of an elephant
 the roaring of a lion
 the neighing of a horse
 the croaking of a frog
 the braying of a donkey
 the grunting of a pig
 the bleating of a sheep
 the crowing of a cock
 the cackling of a chicken
12. the howling of a wolf
 the beating of a drum
 the ringing of a bell
  the tick of a clock
 the slam of a door
 the toot of a horn
 the patter of raindrops
 the clatter of the dishes

Jobs that people do

Nouns that name people
Write the noun for the name of the person who:
 writes books author
 flies an aeroplane   pilot.
 repairs cars mechanic
 cares for people's teeth dentist
looks after ill people doctor
 cares for sick people nurse
 writes stories for newspapers journalist
 looks after sheep shepherd
 learns a trade novice
 searches for new lands explorer
 installs and mends water pipes plumber
 sells fruit and vegetables green groacer
 studies the stars astronomer
mends shoes cobbler
sells meat butcher
collects rubbish dustman
brings letters postman
digs for coal collier/ miner
catches fish fisherman
sells toothpaste, medicines and soap chandler
takes bus-fare bus-conductor
builds houses builder
cleans and look after school caretaker
owns farms farmer
carries luggage porter
sells sugar, tea and cereals grocer
paints pictures artist
makes suits tailor
woodworkers  carpenter
drives a bus bus-driver

Saturday, 8 April 2017

An Old Strange House

Saimon, Bappi, Ripa and Runa are four cousins live in a town with their parents. They never went to the village. One day they wanted to go to one of their relative's house in the village. So, they went with their uncle to his father in law's house. They reached there after a long journey. They were too tired for this reason they went to bed early by taking their meal. Next day they met with the people of their uncle's father in law's house. They stayed there for about one week. One day they went with one of the relatives to visit an old land lord's house near by the village.
They went there at the time of dusk. They were observing the house and the surrounding places very keenly. They could not realize that the sun had set already. There was no house near that old house. It was covered with heathers and herbs. There was no electricity but they met one man who told that he had been looking after that house for a long time. They heard many things about the house from the man. The man told them many strange events with this house but these persons did not believe the stories.
Suddenly the sky became cloudy and rain started. So, they could not return home in time. Saimon wanted to drink water and told the man to bring water for him. The man went but he did not come back. These young boys and girls fell in trouble in this dark place. Saimon heard a strange noise of a cat nearby. He went forward and saw a shadow of a black man. He thought that there was someone else so he called him but he did not respond.  A cold wind blew over his shoulder. He felt something awkward and got frightened. He shouted but nobody could hear it. He saw a big red eyed man was approaching towards him.  This person struck him on the head and bit on the throat, killed him and soaked his blood. The rest of the persons saw that Saimon was not over there. They started to look after him here and there. Bappi had a gas lighter. He lit it and saw that the bloody body of Saimon fell there. He screamed and fell senseless.
Runa met the man at a place who went to bring water and asked him about Saimon but he did not say anything in reply and looked at him strangely. She got scared and saw that the figure of that man was changing into bloody and horrific. He came to her and caught hold of her throat. She tried to shout for help but failed to do it. He killed her and sucked her blood. Ripa and her relative saw that they had come to a place where there was no way to go forward so they came back. They felt someone was following them. They became scared and began to run and saw Bappi falling senseless near Saimon's dead body. They shook him and made him awake. They rushed towards their house in the gloom and darkness. At last they reached home and told everything to his uncle what happened with them in that old strange house.
After that night they came to that old house to take the dead bodies but they became strange seeing that there was nothing left in the spot except the house. The house was looking normal as usual. So with sorrowful and dejected mind they came back home.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Kindness of A Princess

Rose was a princess in a famous kingdom. She was a very beautiful, religious and kind girl. One day her father went to the jungle to hunt the animals. At that time she was also with him in that hunting. She was moving around the jungle where some deer were playing with their mother. Seeing the scenery she became overwhelmed. She thought about the beautiful moments of her life once she passed at her childhood. She imagined about her past life and smiled and got pleasure. She compared her life with these animals that she lived in the palace where she never felt any sort of sadness and sorrow in her life. Suddenly she saw her father was looking for the prey. He came to her and asked what she was doing over there. She hid the scenery of the innocent deer and did not tell anything about them. As her mind was also as innocent as these animals, she wanted to save their lives. She was always kind to any kind of creature. She knew if she loved any one even the smallest creatures she would get the love of the almighty Allah in return. She obeyed the rules and regulations of the creator. She also knows that if anyone is hurt by her behavior or word she also must get the return of it one day. Her father was going to kill another animal just at that time she visualized that she was being killed by someone else and her parents were crying like the mad who had no sense of anything. She cried aloud and then she became senseless instantly.  Her father returned by hearing the sound of her shout. He saw her falling senseless on the meadow and tried to get her sense back. After a few moments she awoke and told him everything that she visualized. She told her father not to kill any kind of animal here. He became sympathetic and returned home. After that he never went to the hunting.

Friday, 10 February 2017


Medicine (jokes)
One day a patient went to the doctor and told him about his diseases.
The doctor gave him some medicines and told him to shake it before taking.
The patient came back home and started to take the medicine.
The next day the man took the medicine but forgot to shake.
He told his son, "I forgot to shake the medicine; the medicine is in me so now shake me." But the son gave him hard shake and the man died instantly.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

True Love

True Love
Love means to attract to someone and matching of minds between two souls together that is never seen only can be felt. Love means mental satisfaction that cannot be bought by money. Man is the best creation of almighty Allah and he has also given him a mild heart to feel something from others. Someone can feel others' feelings and some other take it in other way. Love never abides by the ages, big-small, upper-lower, rich-poor and king-peasant. It never abides by the place, time, position, class and caste. It is born at any time and at any place.  The wiser accepts it and the ignorant ignores it. Love is the best gift of almighty Allah, someone gets it easily and on the other hand many don't get it in the whole life. Many people eagerly wait for this valuable gift. Some people cannot understand that this gift is waiting for her/him near and looks for somewhere else. He / she overlooks it and in the long run he / she suffers for this tiny but greatest gift. In the history we see many people have lost their lives, some have left their kingdoms for this love. Love is a thing that can sooth one's soul by removing the fatigues and tiredness within moment. It can build one's life and it can also ruin the life. Many people can't understand the value of it so they ignore it because their hearts are like the dry wood where there is no humidity. Love is actually the best gift of almighty Allah that does not come in everyone's life.  True love should be respected and venerated. If we don't evaluate others' love and the person who loves us then we have to repent for that love which we ignore. We should accept true love from the true lover and take it as the part of our life and give value of it as life is very short otherwise we have to weep for it in our whole lives. We should remember true love comes only one time in one's life. If it goes, it goes forever and never comes back just like time that goes and goes forever.