Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Homes of people and other animals

An igloo=Eskimo; a house=people; a hive=bees; an earth=fox; a den=lion; a pigeon-shed=pigeon; a vicarage=vicar; a sty=hog; a burrow=rabbit; a hutch= tame rabbit; a nest=bird.
Hare= A hare's home is known as a form. 
mole= fortress, a burrow, or a tunnel, hole

ant-anthill, pig-pigsty, bee-beehive, bird-nest, bear-cave, cow-shed, dog-kennel, fish-water, goldfish-aquarium, mouse-mouse hole, hermit-crab=shell, rabbit-burrow, chicken-coop, horse-stable, dolphin-sea, frog-pond, duck-duck pond, spider-web, snake-hole.
Other animal homes
badger – sett, otter – holt, eagle – eyrie, pig- pigsty, bat – cave (roost), sheep – pen, cow – shed, squirrel – drey, termite – mound,
Rabbit=warren (burrow), spider=web, lion= den, fox=earth, bear=cave, dog= kennel, rabbit, ant= nest, nest (or hill), bee= hive, horse= stable.
monastery= monk
a cottage= a small house specially in the country
a house= a building for people to live
a bungalow=a house built on one level, without stairs
a palace= a house where king and queen live
orphanage=orphans (living place of the children who have no parents)

Thursday, 24 May 2018


Ramadan is the month of fasting. This month is very important for all the Muslim Ummah . The holy Quran was published through our great prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SM) in this month. The goodness of this month is uncountable. The Muslim can gain lots goodness (neki), through their good deeds. Ramadan teaches us to understand the distress of the poor unfed people how much they suffer without food. The rich can understand the sorrow and plight of the needy people who are unfed through this Ramadan. Ramadan opens the people's conscience of the difference between the fed and unfed. In the Hadith, it is also described that if any person helps another person to break the fast in the right time then Allah will give him same goodness as the person who keeps fasting and gets the goodness. If one good deed is done he / she will be provided the same goodness as the other time out of the month of Ramadan of seventy times done. If one rakah (salah) prayer is performed in this month then he / she will be given the goodness of seventy rakah prayers at another time by Allah. This month is blessed for the Muslim Ummah. We, every Muslim should follow the rules and regulation of this month so that we can come close to the almighty Allah who created and sent us to this universe to pray and follow the rules given by him and gain piles of goodness in this month. May Allah grant our prayers and guide us through the right track in this month as well as after this holy month.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Question No-3

HSC-English; Paper-1
Model Question

1. Select an appropriate word and insert into each blank. There are more words than necessary.
            Marriage, shouldered, near, favor, scream, wed, take upon.
Since Nazneen's annual exam is very near a) __________, she needs to study a lot. The conditions of her family don't b) ___________ her study. Because of the c) _____________ of her elder sister she has d) _________ some of the household chores. Moreover, her aunt has just had a new baby. All the members of the family cannot go to bed earlier because of the e) __________of the baby.
2. Select an appropriate word and insert into each blank. There are more words than necessary.
            Business, furnishing, rosy, understand, unhappy, heartening, boring.
By reading Nazneen's letter Zinnia has a) __________ Nazneen's problems about living in a large family. But in a small family things do not always seem to be b) ________Zinnia knows from her experience that if life becomes very c) ________ in a nuclear family. Zinnia is d) ________ because of her parents' e)___________ with their family.
3. Select an appropriate word and insert into each blank. There are more words than necessary.
            Introducing, neighbouring, independent, change, speaking, yielding, introductory
Moh Moh is a) __________ her beautiful country to Karim. It is a b) ________ country of Bangladesh. Her country became c)_________ in 1948. In 1948 the name of her country got a d) _________ from Burma to Myanmar. Almost all of them are Myanmar language e) ________ people.
4. Select an appropriate word and insert into each blank. There are more words than necessary.
            Changes, be, line, polygamy, consisted, queue, monogamy.
In the past a) __________ was the common form of marriage among the various cultural groups in Kenya. The polygamous families b) _______ of a man, his several wives and their married sons and children. c)_______are now taking place in Kenya to d) __________ in e) ___________ with the modern world.