Wednesday, 14 February 2018

When life is stuck

Life is very strange and it is really very hard to understand. People are peculiar around us and harder to recognize them. When tough time comes it never comes giving us any precaution. Some people feel enjoyment seeing others' distress. At that time those who help us and stay beside us are the best friends and well wishers.  We should always remember them. Life is never stuck; nobody can hold the wheel of life and the progress of it. We should have patience at that moment. To overcome the situation is the duty of the brave person. We should not be frightened by falling in trouble. Rather we should find the way to get out of it.  Fear can't help us rather it tries to fell us in the toughest situation. We should keep faith in ourselves and think that maybe the better moment is waiting for us. Hard time and good time are both opposite of each other. Hard time never stays long though it apparently seems to be so to us. So we should have patience and be smiling and cheerful at every moment of our lives in spite of being in hard time. We should go ahead smoothly discarding and avoiding the bad thoughts grown in us.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017


Newspaper is the people's parliament. Newspaper plays a vital role in the modern civilization.  It is said to be the mirror of the world. We must have the habit of reading newspaper daily.  It helps us to acquire general knowledge. Nobody can keep contact with the world outside without reading newspaper. Mere bookish knowledge is not sufficient in the struggle of life. A man who does not read newspaper daily is like a frog in a narrow well. Newspaper discusses various topics which have some educative values. So, we must have the habit of reading newspaper regularly as it is a great blessing of modern civilization.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Completing of the sentences

Complete the sentences below
1. A storm is______________.
Ans: a natural disaster
2. Though it is uncertain,_________.
Ans: it generally happens in summer
3. It creates a scene which___________.
Ans: is very terrible and fearful
4. In a storm the wind __________wrecks great havoc upon our life and property.
Ans: blowing violently
5. Peals of thunder and ___________frighten the people.
Ans: flashes of lightning
6.  After the storm people come out___________. 
Ans: to see the effect of it
7. They get terrified to see the havoc_____________.
Ans: wrecked by the storm
8. It is known that storm is such a natural disaster____________.
Ans: that we cannot get rid of it
9. But we can minimize the loss_____________.
Ans: owing to it
10. We can save life and property to a great extent______________________________.
Ans: if we take precautionary measure against it

Monday, 31 July 2017

Completing sentences with clause/phrase

Completing sentences with clause/phrase
1. English _____________we should learn it.
Ans: being an international language
2. But ________________are indifferent to this language.
Ans: most of our students
3. As it is a foreign language______________.
Ans: most of the students find it difficult
4. _________it is an interesting language.
Ans: In fact
5. ______________they can certainly learn it.
Ans: If the students become sincere
6. ___________ they should practice it greatly.
Ans: At the same time
7. The students ________________cannot acquire command over this language.
Ans: who are idle and insincere
7. In the present context of globalization __________________is increasing day by day.
Ans: the importance of learning English
8. So it is essential for us to__________.
Ans: learn English
9. Our government is also trying _____________to make our students skilled in this language.
Ans: heart and soul

Monday, 15 May 2017

Sound maker

Nouns that name animals
Write the noun for the name of the animal and thing that make each of the following sounds
 the purring of a cat
 the barking of a dog
 the trumpeting of an elephant
 the roaring of a lion
 the neighing of a horse
 the croaking of a frog
 the braying of a donkey
 the grunting of a pig
 the bleating of a sheep
 the crowing of a cock
 the cackling of a chicken
12. the howling of a wolf
 the beating of a drum
 the ringing of a bell
  the tick of a clock
 the slam of a door
 the toot of a horn
 the patter of raindrops
 the clatter of the dishes