Thursday, 23 June 2016

Death is The Rule of Nature

There is nobody who can deny death. It is inevitable for all the living beings that is unavoidable. We, the human beings, forget the boundary of our existence. We forget the most remarkable truth that we have to die or we can die at any time, any moment. Each and every living being is mortal. We earn money for the sake of living on earth comfortably, for our beloveds and for our children. At the time of gaining the materials for living we should be on the right track. But most of us forget what is right and what is wrong? Allah has sent us not only to earn money and live comfortably but also to test through our daily activities done by thinking with the knowledge that has been given to us by him. We are always emerged into earning and trying to be richer than the others. We hanker after the high positions in the family, in the society, in the office, in the state and if possible in the world.  It may be legally or illegally, it doesn’t matter at all. We are running after money but we forget that at the time of our running the motion of the wheels of our lives may stop. We forget the most inevitable truth ‘Death’ that is running after us like breath. It is nearer to us even nearer than our heart. We cannot imagine what is waiting for us in the next time. It is always with us. It is the shadow of life that we cannot see or feel. We are trying to grab everything that actually doesn’t want us. We have become mad even the maddest one for gaining the power of all on earth. If we don’t get anything easily we attempt to obtain it by killing or oppressing others or by force. After gaining the intended objects we boast of our merits. We think that we will live here on earth permanently no decay will touch us even some of us try to betray the brutal truth death and then they try their level best defeat it and start their new invention to win the death to be immortal. But we should think that all of our toils may be smashed within the blinking of our eyes. Death is the rule of nature. Nobody can break this rule. There is nobody who can escape it. So we should think of it at least 20 times, if possible more than this. If we think of death the scale of sins will be moderately slight. We should be prepared for facing it with full preparation according to the rules of the holy Quran so that we can have peace after embracing this best friend ‘death.’ I am saying, ‘Death is the best friend’, yes, because everybody can avoid us when we need, but it will never give up our company. It will take us away to the particular destination where we must go when it will be the perfect time. May Allah give us away that sense of death, power of tolerance, courage and mental strength to hug the unavoidable truth ‘death’ in our lives.

A dialogue for knowing the direction of a new place.

Rakib: Excuse me, would you please tell me, “Where’s John’s School?”
Man: Oh, it’s not very far. Go along this road up to that high building. Then turn left and you will find a big mosque. Behind the mosque there is another road. Walk just for two minutes and you will find a police station. You will see a big building beside it and that’s John’s School.
Rakib: That means,  at first I will go along this road, then turn left and walk along the road behind the mosque for two minutes, after that I’ll get a police station and there is a high building in front of it and that’s John’s School.
Man: Yes, that’s right.
Rakib: Thank you too much.
Man: You are welcome.

Sunday, 19 June 2016


Humanity means the quality of being kind to people and animals so that they are free from any kind of suffering from pain. It is a great virtue of a man that makes him the super human-being and the great in the eyes of all. If there is lack of this quality in any human there will be no difference between him and a beast. By dint of this quality, he reaches the ultimate goal of his success in life. He becomes the most beloved person to all. He is respected by all and even worshiped as the idol of human being and thought to be the representative of all the creation of the almighty Allah. Because, Allah has given him the power of understanding between good and bad. Without humanity a man turns into a beast. If inhumanity prevails and humanity lacks even in the rulers the chaotic situations establish and the barbarism increases among the people which can cause the downfall of any society even the most powerful Government. Humanity is the pre-condition of the human being that is undoubtedly a crying need for the soothing environment of any civilized country for the polished citizen otherwise human right will deteriorate and fade away from the earth of man. So, in brief, everyone should try to increase this quality in him to build up a happy and a prosperous nation.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Idioms and Phrasal Verbs (Part-3)

a man of letters=a learned man
He is a man of letters of this village.
a bed of roses=a bed of flowers
Life is not a bed of roses.
a black sheep=a bad person
He is  a black sheep of the family.
at home in=expert
Mohammad is at home in all subjects.
above all=mainly
He is above all a doctor.
along with sb/sth=in addition to sth/sb
He lost his money along with his fame.
an open secret=a secret that is known to all
The matter is now an open secret that he killed him.
again and again=time and again
I told him not to do it but he is doing it again and again.
all on (of) a sudden=quickly and unexpectedly
The police attacked the robber all of a sudden.
at every step=at every moment/stage
We should be aware at every step of our life.
at length=after a long time
I saw him at length.
all the while =always
He grumbles to my ear all the while.
at any cost=in any way
I have to pass in the examination at any cost.
at all events=whatever happened
We will reach there in time at all events.
at dead of night=in the quietest part of the night
The robbers came to house at dead of night.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Benefits of making someone break the Fast

Fasting means ‘Swam’.  It’s an Arabic word.  Benefits of making the fast break in time that means after sunset is very great.

If anyone feeds any person to open the fast in the fixed time who is keeping fast, he will be given the same virtue or goodness (sowab/ neki) as the fast keeper gets.

Even anyone feeds the fast keeper with a small date no problem he will also get the same virtue as the fast keeper gets.

If anyone gives a glass of water to the fast keeper Allah will give him drinks or beverage in the Janna after death.

If any person feeds any fast keeper to keep fast in the midnight he will get the same virtue as the fast keeper gets.

But in this case the fast keeper will lose no virtue or goodness from his fasting. He will get the 100% goodness of his fasting as usual.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Benefits of Fasting

Swam is an Arabic language which means to keep fast. In details, it can be said that to starve from all types of foods and drinking is called swam or fasting. Fasting starts from the first day of the month of Ramadan from midnight to the sunset.  Ramadan is the month of having patience, saying prayers and deep thought of the almighty Allah, even to stop all sorts of conjugal life’s activities while keeping fast from midnight to the sunset. Fasting is in number fourth of the five bases of Islam. Fasting is the main spiritual and mental training for all the human beings. Through fasting we can understand the distress or pain of the hungry people. Fasting teaches us to have patience while we are in great trouble. Allah has promised us (in the holy Quran) to give the highest gift of fasting with his own hand. In the month of Ramadan people’ prayers are granted by Allah easily. If anyone does one good work in this month he will be given the goodness or virtue of seventy good works out of this month. The importance of this month is indescribable. If we follow the rules of the month of Ramadan, we will be able to lead the best lives up to death.