Thursday, 16 June 2016

Benefits of making someone break the Fast

Fasting means ‘Swam’.  It’s an Arabic word.  Benefits of making the fast break in time that means after sunset is very great.

If anyone feeds any person to open the fast in the fixed time who is keeping fast, he will be given the same virtue or goodness (sowab/ neki) as the fast keeper gets.

Even anyone feeds the fast keeper with a small date no problem he will also get the same virtue as the fast keeper gets.

If anyone gives a glass of water to the fast keeper Allah will give him drinks or beverage in the Janna after death.

If any person feeds any fast keeper to keep fast in the midnight he will get the same virtue as the fast keeper gets.

But in this case the fast keeper will lose no virtue or goodness from his fasting. He will get the 100% goodness of his fasting as usual.

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