Friday, 10 June 2016

Kindness of Prophet Mohammad (SM)

One day our beloved prophet Mohammad (sm) was passing by a jungle, he came across a deer binding with a tree with a rope. He made forward and saw a poacher had trapped it.  The deer told, ‘I have two children who need milk at once so I need to go and after feeding them I will come back.’ But he did not believe and lose its binding. Prophet Mohammad (sm) heard everything from the deer. As he could understand everyone’s language, he made out the deer’s speech. Prophet Mohammad (sm) earnestly requested to the poacher to let it go.  In spite of his request, he did not leave it. The man was a heathen. Prophet Mohammad (sm) told, ‘I will stay here until it comes back, so bind me here up to its return.’ The man did as he was told. The deer went back and told her children, ‘Drink milk for the last time.’ The children asked her what the reason was. She told, ‘I was caught by a trapper and bound with a tree. For the sake of the life of the greatest prophet Mohammad (sm) I was able to come here again. Now he is bound to that tree.   I have to get back now otherwise that heathen will kill our prophet Mohammad (sm).’ The children told, we will also go with you. So they all together came back there. The heathen man was astonished thinking this that by believing this man (Prophet Mohammad (sm)) in spite of being animal they have come back again to sacrifice their lives. Then he believed him as the greatest man and the last prophet. At once, the heathen man accepted Islam seeing the beauty of the truthfulness, greatness and kindness of our Prophet Mohammad (sm) . Undoubtedly it can be said, he is the greatest of all human beings. We should follow his character to build our lives as the perfect human being. May Allah give us such a character to lead our lives up to death.

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