Sunday, 19 June 2016


Humanity means the quality of being kind to people and animals so that they are free from any kind of suffering from pain. It is a great virtue of a man that makes him the super human-being and the great in the eyes of all. If there is lack of this quality in any human there will be no difference between him and a beast. By dint of this quality, he reaches the ultimate goal of his success in life. He becomes the most beloved person to all. He is respected by all and even worshiped as the idol of human being and thought to be the representative of all the creation of the almighty Allah. Because, Allah has given him the power of understanding between good and bad. Without humanity a man turns into a beast. If inhumanity prevails and humanity lacks even in the rulers the chaotic situations establish and the barbarism increases among the people which can cause the downfall of any society even the most powerful Government. Humanity is the pre-condition of the human being that is undoubtedly a crying need for the soothing environment of any civilized country for the polished citizen otherwise human right will deteriorate and fade away from the earth of man. So, in brief, everyone should try to increase this quality in him to build up a happy and a prosperous nation.

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  1. wow!!! what a speech sir what a speech.nothing to say.just,wow!!!!