Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Ramadan is the month of fasting for obeying the order of the almighty Allah. It is the blessing month to the Muslim Ummah.  In this month the whole of the Muslim Ummah keep themselves unfed from midnight to the sunset. There are many things to learn in this month. People can feel how the poor and needy people stay unfed while they don’t have anything to eat. They learn how to keep themselves patient in the crisis moment like when they feel thirsty they cannot drink anything and eat anything while they are hungry staying even in the hidden place for fear of Allah. Because we know well that if nobody sees, Allah sees everything wherever we are and what we are doing. This month teaches us how to lead an honest and disciplined life. This month is of tolerance, endurance and fortitude that keeps us away from all sorts of wars, quarrels and unethical activities.  We try our level best to say prayers five times in this month that is the ultimate command of Allah. It is high time we shunned telling lies from this month that is the main cause of all sins. If people follow the rules of Ramadan in their whole lives, there will be no chaos in the society and family. Brethren, fellow feeling, amity and fraternity will increase and peace will be established among the people. So, we should embed the teachings of holy Ramadan to enrich affection in our lives to obtain the highest gift of the almighty Allah after death.

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