Thursday, 23 June 2016

Death is The Rule of Nature

There is nobody who can deny death. It is inevitable for all the living beings that is unavoidable. We, the human beings, forget the boundary of our existence. We forget the most remarkable truth that we have to die or we can die at any time, any moment. Each and every living being is mortal. We earn money for the sake of living on earth comfortably, for our beloveds and for our children. At the time of gaining the materials for living we should be on the right track. But most of us forget what is right and what is wrong? Allah has sent us not only to earn money and live comfortably but also to test through our daily activities done by thinking with the knowledge that has been given to us by him. We are always emerged into earning and trying to be richer than the others. We hanker after the high positions in the family, in the society, in the office, in the state and if possible in the world.  It may be legally or illegally, it doesn’t matter at all. We are running after money but we forget that at the time of our running the motion of the wheels of our lives may stop. We forget the most inevitable truth ‘Death’ that is running after us like breath. It is nearer to us even nearer than our heart. We cannot imagine what is waiting for us in the next time. It is always with us. It is the shadow of life that we cannot see or feel. We are trying to grab everything that actually doesn’t want us. We have become mad even the maddest one for gaining the power of all on earth. If we don’t get anything easily we attempt to obtain it by killing or oppressing others or by force. After gaining the intended objects we boast of our merits. We think that we will live here on earth permanently no decay will touch us even some of us try to betray the brutal truth death and then they try their level best defeat it and start their new invention to win the death to be immortal. But we should think that all of our toils may be smashed within the blinking of our eyes. Death is the rule of nature. Nobody can break this rule. There is nobody who can escape it. So we should think of it at least 20 times, if possible more than this. If we think of death the scale of sins will be moderately slight. We should be prepared for facing it with full preparation according to the rules of the holy Quran so that we can have peace after embracing this best friend ‘death.’ I am saying, ‘Death is the best friend’, yes, because everybody can avoid us when we need, but it will never give up our company. It will take us away to the particular destination where we must go when it will be the perfect time. May Allah give us away that sense of death, power of tolerance, courage and mental strength to hug the unavoidable truth ‘death’ in our lives.

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