Saturday, 4 June 2016

Idioms and Phrasal Verbs (Part-9)

call off= to cancel sth
The game has been called off because of heavy rainfall.
call on/upon=to formally ask /invite to speak
I now call on/upon the principal to deliver his maiden speech.
call out=to shout loudly for help
The cow boy called out when he was in danger.
call sb out=to ask sb to come in emergency moment
The man called the people out when the robbers attacked him.
call sb up=to make a telephone call to someone
He called me up last night.
call sth up=remember/recall
Try to call it up.
cats and dogs=incessantly/heavily
It has been raining cats and dogs since morning.
catch on (to sth)=to understand
I can’t catch on to your words.
catch sb out=to surprise  sb and put them in a difficult position
People were caught out at the sudden departure of the honest officer.
catch up  with sb=to reach sb who is ahead of someone
I must catch up with him.
catch hold of=to grab
The man caught hold of my shirt when I was falling down from the roof of the building.
catch a tartar=to be under a hard man
The man has caught a tartar in the evil man.
come by=to make a short to a place to see
I always come by her house daily.
come in=to enter in
The woman came in my room.
come off=to fall from sth; take place or happen
The boy came off the tree.

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