Thursday, 2 June 2016

A True Dream ( story )

Once there was a very poor young man who lived in the poverty. He worked hard to turn his fate. But it was not possible for him. He was too much laborious. One day, he dreamt a dream that seemed to him to be the fantasy. He saw in his dream that he got a huge amount of wealth that made him one of the richest men in the country and he got married to the richest man’s beautiful daughter of that country. When he awoke from his sleep he saw he was lying in the torn blanket. However, he was in a jolly mood to have dreamt such a dream. He expressed it to his mother but her mother told him to remove it from her mind. The young man was trying to turn his fortune hard and soul but nothing happened.

One morning he was going to his work as usual. All on a sudden, he met a man who was supposed to be the forecaster told him, “You are going to be one of the richest men of this country.” But he did not heed to his words and went away. Suddenly, he met another man who was looking for a worker who could do some work for him. He found the young man called in him for his work.

The man hired him for his work but he did not tell what the work was. The man took him in the deepest part of the forest. He got the work done by the young man. Then he gave his wage and got along. When the young man was getting back home he lost his way. He started to walk through the jungle. All on a sudden, he heard a strange noise calling him by his name. He looked back and saw a nice boy was calling him by his name. He was more surprised than before.
He asked him, “Who are you and how do you know my name?” He told him, “I know you and your dream also.”

After a few minutes, he told him (young man) to go straight from there. When the man made towards, he saw a nice house where there was no one. There were lots gems scattering here and there. Whenever he wanted to take it, his soul warned him to take. Instantly that boy appeared and told, “These treasures are for you. You can grant it without any hesitation.” He took and went back to his own house.

His mother asked him about the wealth and to return it to the place where he got. But, again the boy appeared there and told, “The owner of this wealth is your son.” After that, the young man kept the wealth and became one of the richest men in that country. There was another rich man who had a beautiful daughter, declared to get her married to a rich man. Many young rich men gathered there to have his daughter as wife.

The rich man told, ‘As there are lots of people here, so, whomever my daughter will choose, he will be married to my daughter.’ Among all the suitors, he was very polite, gentle, enchanting and amiable. The young lady began to choose and at last she selected that young man as her husband. In presence of all the suitors the marriage ceremony was held. After marriage ceremony, the rest of the young men went away. Thus the young man’s dream came true.

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  1. wish it would be able but we are also not able to saw such dream so how could be it possible

    its another best story i have read