Friday, 20 May 2016

Idioms and Phrasal Verbs (Part-5)

be up=be out of  bed
He is always up at 8 O’clock in the mornig.
be up to= be physically or intellectually strong enough
I will not go to the office because I am not up to work today.
be up to something/some mischief/some trick/no good= be occupied or busy with  some
Don’t believe him he up to some tricks.
(It is up to someone = it is his responsibility or duty)
If it breaks down it is up to you.
bear out= confirm
The ticket counter bears out my ticket tomorrow.
bear up= support bad news  bravely, hide feelings of grief
The matter was very dangerous  but she bore it up.
black and blue=to beat severely
The thief was beaten black and hue.
blow out=extinguish by blowing
The wind blew out the candle.
blow up= 1. destroy by explosion, explode. be destroyed: 2. fill with air, inflate, pump up
You should blow up your anger.
boil away=be boiled until all has evaporated
I kept the pot of water on the stove but it boiled away soon.
boil over= to rise and flow over the sides of the container
The milk boiled over the pot for and I got the  smell of burning.
break down= take a total and subdivide it under various heading so as to give an additional
information: You say there were 500 people. Can you break that down into age groups?
break down = collapse sth by force:
The fire man broke down the door to enter into the room.
break in = enter by force:
He broke in the room and killed him.
break into = enter by force:
The house was broken into when he was not at  home.

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