Monday, 30 May 2016

Idioms and Phrasal Verbs (Part-12)

get back=to return especially home
I got back at dead of night.
get by (in/with sth)=to manage to live using money
How do you get by with this little amount of money?
get down=to write down
I got down a letter to my father.
get in/into sth=to arrive at a place
We got in his house at last after two days tour.
get sth in=to collect or gather sth
We tried hard to get in this news.
 get sb in=to call sb to sb’s house to  do a job
I got the mechanic to mend the broken door.
get down to sth=to begin to do sth
Let’s get down to work again.
get in on= to take part in an activity
We go in on developing the country.
get into sth= to reach into a particular  state or condition
The doctor failed to treat the patient because his life got into serious.
get in with sb=to become friendly with sb
I got in with her very soon.
get off= to leave a particular place and start a journey
get off sb=to help sb do this
We should get off here soon.
She left her child off to school.
get sb off sth =to stop discussing a particular subject
Please get off this matter now.
get off sth=to leave work with permission
I will get off the office after two hours.
get sth off=to send sth by post
I got the letter off to him.

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