Sunday, 22 May 2016

Idioms and Phrasal Verbs (Part-4)

at one’s wit’s end=to be worried about what to do
I was at my wit’s end and could not think what to do.
back away=step or move back slowly
When he took the gun the robbers backed away.
back out=withdraw/discontinue /refuse to provide support
They have backed out their complain from the police station.
back somebody up=support morally or verbally
We backed him up enough in his distress.
back up=to annoy sb
This type of manners always back me up.
bag and baggage=with all your possessions
You should leave the hotel bag and baggage
be against=be opposed to
The people are now against the minister.
be away=be away from home/ the place for at least a night
I had been away from home last night.
His father is away from home still now.
be back=have returned after a long or short absence
I am back after a long time.
She will be back soon.
be for=be in favour of
He always speaks in favour of his son.
be in=be at home/in this building
The man is the room now.
be in for=be about to encounter
We should be prepared for the attack.
be over=be finished
The storm is over, we can go now.
be out=be away from home/from this building for a short time
He is out of home now.

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