Friday, 20 May 2016

Idioms and Phrasal Verbs (Part-1)

ABC=general knowledge
I don’t know the ABC of the matter.
A to Z=including everything
He has a to z knowledge of that subject.
according to=in accordance with
The inspector did his duty according to the law.
account for= give a good reason for, explain satisfactorily
The accountant officer accounted for what he spent money.
The man behaved strangely that I can’t account for it why was it so?
after all=despite what has said or expected
He is an honest man after all.
all in all=when everything is considered
I am all in all in the office.
all along=all the time; from the beginning
I thought that it was all along in my bag.
all the same=nevertheless/despite this
It is all the same to me whether he comes or not.
allow for= make provision in advance for, take into account
all these matters must be allowed for.
and all=also; included; in addition
The boy jumped into the pond  with shirt and all.
answer back=answer a reproof impudently
The boy answered back for his father’s question.
ask after/for somebody=ask for news of
I met him yesterday. He asked after you.
ask for=ask to speak to: request, demand
I went to the office and asked for the officer.
The workers asked for seven days holiday.
ask someone in=invite someone to enter the house
He asked me in his house last night.

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