Friday, 20 May 2016

A Devil killed by A Young Man ( Story )

A devil was born in a king’s family. At the time of his birth a forecaster told that he would be killed by a simple young man when he would be matured enough. When the devil grew young he became ferocious as well. Whatever he did, he always did the worst for the people. He was always against the truth. He never liked the good things. He thought himself as the most powerful in the world. He did not believe in God. He declared himself as the God of all.  According to his will and pleasure he ruled the people. He told the people to worship him. If anyone did not abide by his order, he killed him. People’s lives were worthless to him. He was the symbol of bad-omen and leader of all evil power. If he would see good things to be done he destroyed that at once. Day by day he became stronger and stronger and the most powerful. So nobody dared to protest against him. Everybody was passing days in fear. If anybody raised his voice he was killed and his body was hanged in the tree so that the people could understand his punishment. There was none as cruel as him on earth.

One day he dreamt a bad dream and it was the worst moment in his life that a nice young man was chasing him to kill. But he could not see his face. Because before seeing that dream fully he woke up. He became gloomy and thoughtful of it. He had forgotten the prediction of his death. He thought himself to be the deathless devil and God of all. He recollected the forecast heard from his parents that he would be killed by a young man. He sent his men around the world to find out such sort of brave, strong and nice man.

His soldiers looked for him everywhere to seize him but they failed to do it so easily. He ordered his men to kill all the nice, strong and brave men. They started to do it. For this reason a great war began. All the good and strong men gathered together and combined to defeat this devil. When he heard the news of young people being combined. His head became too hot and he became so much ferocious that he himself wanted to kill them. So he intended to join the war and fight with them. But his co-devil and well-wishers discussed with him and told him not to fight in the battle for the risk of his life at that moment.

Being assured, he consented not to fight in this war. He did not forget to say them the forecast which he heard from his parents and accordingly he gave declaration to the soldiers to bring that young man alive or his dead body or his head in front of him. This news scattered all over the world. All the parents became frightened for the consequence of their sons’ lives by hearing this news.  A great battle broke out and continued for about twenty years where thousands of people were killed indiscriminately. Their houses were burnt. They could not fight for so long time with the evil power. They were defeated at the hand of the devil’s soldiers.

All the people were fed up with the torture of the devil. They were hankering after and waiting for one of the bravest and strongest men who would be able to defeat this devil and kill him and give them peace and happiness.

Years after years, they waited for him but nobody came to rescue them and save the world from the evil grip of this devil. In the mean while, a baby was born before five years of starting the war.  The child was very nice and came up in an aristocratic family. A nice name was given to the baby. He was named Abraham. But the relationship of that family with the devil was very intimate, because this child’s father was also one of the greatest followers of the devil. The child grew up and when he could discriminate between good and bad he began to oppose his father’s misdeed and tried to make him understand. From his birth he saw that the evil power was dominating the world. He saw the poor, simple, honest and good men being tortured at the hand of the devil.

He observed everywhere that war between good power and evil power. Nice and strong men were killed wherever they were found. The battle had already passed twenty years. The soldiers reported to the devil, “There is no so nice, brave and strong young man on earth whom you saw in your dream”. The devil thought that his enemy had been killed. He declared the victory of the war and pronounced that his enemy had died.

To celebrate this victory, the devil arranged a party for his followers. The child had grown up to a young man. In the function, he had come with his father. He met the devil and introduced himself with him as Abraham, the son of one of his followers. The devil was happy to see him as one of his follower’s son. He observed the young man and thought he had never seen so nice young man in life. So, by seeing the young man in this gorgeous function, the devil’s mind became delighted. For having so nice son, the devil extolled the young man’s father. The devil is now free from the fear of death in the hand of that young man he saw in his dream. He thought, his had died and there was nobody who could destroy him.

The limit of torture of the devil increased day by day. Everybody was helpless. The boy became angry with such sort of torture of the devil. He told his father to stop it and he tried to make understand of the consequence of this oppression. He went away from home to far-off place and began to assure people that this oppression would not last long. So, he commenced to gather the strong and brave men who could defend this torturous devil. After being trained the young man declared to fight with the devil. He told all the people to join with them in the great battle to defeat the tyrant devil to remove all the sorrows and destructions from the earth. To get rid of this devil’s tyranny. So, the whole of the people gathered with him. This news reached the devil’s palace. The devil grew ferocious more than before.

This time the devil intended to join in the war to kill them one by one. A great battle broke out and it continued up-to three years. The final day of the war came on. The devil confronted the young man and recognized him, whom he had seen in the function arranged by him for celebrating the victory of the last battle. The devil told him, “You! You are my enemy?” “Are you not the son of my follower?”

The young man answered, “Yes, I am the son of your stupid follower. But I am not your follower. I am on behalf of this oppressed, innocent and helpless people. I am only the follower of the almighty God who sent me to destroy the oppressors like you.”

Hearing this type of reply the devil started to shout and laugh. He told him, “Are you making fun of me, young man?”

All around him were astonished by hearing the young man to be the son of one of the followers of the devil. The young man assured the common people by suggesting them not to lose courage from mind and to depend on almighty.

The devil pronounced the soldiers to attack their enemies. Abraham told the people to attack them too to take revenge of the oppression that they had done to them. At last the young man stabbed the devil into his stomach. The devil fell from his horse. He tried to flee away but the young man again ran after him and pushed him out on the ground and killed him with his sword. The people became happy and celebrated for their victory in the battle.

In this way the general people got rid of the tyranny of the devil. All the anguish, sorrow and distress went off. The truth won in the war and it again established on earth. The people elected Abraham as the king of the whole world. Abraham was pronounced as the donor of freedom and peace of the people on earth.