Monday, 2 May 2016

A dialogue with a patient in the hospital.

Salim: How do you feel now, Rubel?
Zakir: Somewhat better. I think I would die. Luckily I got rescued by the grace of almighty Allah
Salim: Yes, it was a terrible accident. Really, you were rescued by the mercy of almighty Allah.
Zakir: I pray to him for my early recovery. The doctor is taking an extra care of me.
Salim: Have patience. Rely upon almighty Allah so that he helps you for your early cure. I also pray to Allah for your early recovery.
Zakir: Please, friend, visit me at least three days a week because if you come I feel strength in mind.
Salim: Of course I shall visit you. Don’t worry. Take your medicine in time. Good bye today.
Zakir:  O.K. Good bye.

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