Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Incorrect and correct sentences ( Part-3 )

Incorrect: You seem to be out of spirit.
Correct: You seem to be out of spirits.
Incorrect: He has got three issue.
Correct: He has got three issues.
Incorrect: It is a nice poetry.
Correct: It is a nice poem.
Incorrect: I prefer milk than tea.
Correct: I prefer milk to tea.
Incorrect: He says English fluently.
Correct: He speaks English fluently.
Incorrect: Kabir shook my hands.
Correct: Kabir shook hands with me.
Incorrect: He prevented me to go there.
Correct: He prevented me from going there.
Incorrect: The book is belonged to me.
Correct: The book belongs to me.
Incorrect: There are two M. A. in our school.
Correct: There are two M. A.’s in our school.
Incorrect: Our machineries are good.
Correct:  Our machinery is good.
Incorrect: He abused both you and I.
Correct: He abused both you and me.
Incorrect: The dog knows it’s master.
Correct: The dog knows its master.
Incorrect: I, you and Alif must work together.
Correct: You, Alif and I must work together.
Incorrect: She ate rice after she wrote a letter.
Correct: She ate rice after she had written a letter.
Incorrect: He is reading the book for two hours.
Correct: He has been reading the book for two hours.
Incorrect: Why you called me?
Correct: Why did you call me?
Incorrect: His pen has lost by his brother.
Correct: His pen has been lost by his brother.
Incorrect: The thief caught red-handed.
Correct: The thief was caught red-handed.
Incorrect: No sooner did the father come when the son left.
Correct: No sooner had the father come than the son left.
Incorrect: He insisted me to go there.
Correct: He insisted on my going there.

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