Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Shadow of A Father ( Story )

Katherine is a young lady, married to a young man, named Williamson works in California. She spends most of the time alone at home because her husband works at far-off place in New York. He stays near to his working place. Her husband comes to her once or twice in a month. For this reason she is not happy in her conjugal life. After a few years a baby comes up in their family. They named the baby David. It was a very nice infant. He also missed his father due to his absence at home. When David was five or six years old a man came to his mother and tells her that her husband died in the road accident and he saw him but could not see his face clearly. He had been buried there.

Katherine was shocked at this news but did not get so much hurt as she should have got. Because she did not get happiness in her marital life from her husband.  Many years have passed when she saw that her husband did not return home she took the news to be true but she did not marry again anyone. She shifted her present place to another and there David started his college education. After completing his education he got admitted into a university. There he completed his graduation. Now he has joined in a company. He works hard and finishes his work in time. In the meanwhile his mother has died.

He lives in a house alone. Suddenly an old man came to his house. He told him, ‘I am Mr. Williamson, husband of your mother and your father.’ David could not recognize him because he had seen him in childhood. He has forgotten the face of his father. Moreover his mother is also not alive now who could recognize him. So, he said, “My father had died about thirty years ago.” The old told him, “I did not die. I was rescued by a man and admitted into a hospital. After being cured I came to the place where you lived with your mother early but I did not find you, so I went back.”

The man told it also, “I looked for you everywhere a lot but I did not find. After a long search I got the information about you and I have come back here.” However David accepted him as his father. David lived in a house consisted of three rooms. So, he told him to stay with him. That man began to stay with him. David did all sorts of work for the happiness of his father. He made tea for in the morning, cooked nice recipe for him. He would buy nice clothes for his father from the market every week. Now he thinks he is now under the shadow of his father. This man has been living with him for a long time. But he did not help him in his work rather he ordered him to do all sorts of works.

Though David was confused at the behavior of the man, he did not say anything to him. He always thought if his mother were alive she would do all, he would not have to do these works for him. He sometimes thought about the man whether this man was actual father or not. He thought he lost his father when he was a child. Now he got him back now. But there was no relative who knows his father and could say details about him. He thinks it also that whoever this man is, he is getting the shadow of his father at least that he needed in his lonely life. He did a lot for the man but he was not satisfied with his deeds. He could not express his feelings to anybody. On the other hand his mother was also not alive that she could recognize his real father. He thinks, may be the man was looking for a shelter somewhere to stay at this age and has collected information about me from anyone and told me lie. However, he keeps searching to find out the real identity of his father stealthily.

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