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***Tense is an important part in English Language without which we cannot fulfill learning English. So we should have strong skill in tense.

***Definition:  Tense denotes the time of a verb. That means it mentions or shows the time of the action when the work is done or performed.


Tense is of three types:                

       1.      PRESENT  TENSE
       2.       PAST  TENSE

       3.      FUTURE  TENSE

***Present Tense: A verb that refers to present time is called Present Tense.

Example: I play football in this field in the afternoon.
                I am doing my duty.
                I have eaten rice.
                I have been waiting for you for two hours.

                        ***Past Tense: A verb that refers to past time is called the Past Tense.

Example: He did the work.
                I was reading the book.
                I had solved the problem before you came here.
                It had been raining since morning.

***Future Tense: A verb that refers to future time is called the Future Tense.

Example: I shall do the work tomorrow.
                You will be doing the sum.
                I shall have done the work before you come back.
                 I shall have been writing the letter for 30 minutes.

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