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Simple Present Tense

Present Tense

***Present Tense is again classified into four classes.

       1.      Present  Indefinite  Tense
       2.      Present Continuous Tense
       3.      Present Perfect Tense
       4.      Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Present Indefinite Tense

***Present Indefinite Tense: Present Indefinite Tense shows the action done instantly not of any fixed time. It just narrates the action of the verb.

***Structure-1: sub+v+o+extension.

I read the book.
He does the work sincerely.
You do your work attentively.

***If the subject is 3rd person singular number at the time of making sentence s/es to be added with the main verb. Otherwise no need to use.

Example: He goes to school every day.
                He plays football very well.

When we make an Interrogative Sentence and Negative Sentence we use “do” for 1st and 2nd person singular number and “does” for 3rd person singular number.

***Structure-2: sub + do /does + not + v + obj + extension.  (For negative)

       Structure-3: Do/does +sub + v + obj + extension?  (For interrogative)

Example:  We do not go to him anymore.
                  I do not want to talk to him.
                 She does not go to school.

 ***          Do you know me?
                 Does he know you?
                 What do you want?
                 What is your name?
                 How do you go to school?
                 What does he do here?

***To mean near future Present Indefinite Tense is used.

He joins his duty today.

*** To mean universal truth Present Indefinite Tense is used.

The sun rises in the east.

***Sometimes Present Indefinite Tense is used instead of Present Continuous Tense.

Wind blows.

*** To mean habit Present Indefinite Tense is used.

He speaks in English.

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