Saturday, 27 August 2016

The Blessing of An Angel ( Story )

Long, long ago, there lived three pious men in a country. They were well-known to each other. One of the three was very rich in that country, one was of middle class and the last one was very poor. The first two were well-known to all the people as they helped the poor in their distress. The third man was very poor and very honest. So, the first two persons wanted to help him but he would not wish to grant their help. He never wished to take anyone’s favor. He always depended on Allah. He never told lie and bluffed anyone. He worked hard to run his family. Because of his poverty, he could not give away any money to anyone. The first two were very proud of their piousness and helping hands to others. They would give away much money to the needy people. So, they talked big. Allah sent an angel to test them how kind they were to the people.

At first, the angel came to the rich man’s house in the guise of a needy man. He told, “I have heard, you are a very rich man in this country. You help the poor. I am a very poor man. I have come to get your help.”  After hearing his words he helped stranger. The man told, “My house is far from here, it is not possible for me to go back today. So I want to stay tonight at your house.” The man was allowed reluctantly to stay but he was not treated so well.

Next day, the stranger took leave of the rich man. Then he went to the second man. There he told him the same words as before. He was not pleased at the sudden appearance of the stranger. However he also helped him and gave him shelter for that night. Here also he did not get so much sympathy from the man as he expected. Next day he left his house and went to the poor and needy man. He told, “I am a poor man. I have come to your area from far-off place. I will not be able to go back today, so I want to stay in your house.”

The poor man described everything about his poverty to the stranger and told, “I am also poor like you. I never forget the almighty, Allah even in my hardship and always rely on him. So, don’t worry. You can stay here with me.” He gave the stranger shelter, gave him food he had and managed a bed for him to stay comfortably at his house in that night. He did enough for him so that he did not become dissatisfied of his behavior. The stranger was pleased at his behavior and hospitality.

When next day, the stranger was going to leave his house, he told, “I am not a man. I am an angel. Allah has sent me to test you three pious men in this country.” He told this too that he was pleased at his hospitality. Then he put his hand on the poor man’s head and blessed him and gave him a bag of gold coins so that his poverty could be removed. Thus the poor man was blessed by an Angel.

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