Monday, 22 August 2016

Terrible Nights At Hotel

One day three friends, Manik, Kamal and Rahim went to India for a tour. They got into an old hotel for shelter for a few days. They booked the room no-13  to stay there. As there was no other empty room in that hotel they had to hire it. As they were tired after a long journey, they turned in early. Suddenly in the mid night Manik woke up and went to the balcony. There was a garden behind the hotel. When he looked at that garden he saw a girl sitting on the branch of a tree. She was looking at him strangely. But he became surprised how the girl came there at the dead of night. However he came back to his bed. 

Next day he told everything to his friends. They laughed a lot with this matter and made fun with him with the girl. They travelled many places and enjoyed all-day long, then returned to the hotel. Again in the midnight when everyone was sleeping soundly he woke up and went to that balcony. He heard the sound of anklets nearby. He could not see anything clearly. There were many trees in that garden. All on a sudden he saw something black on one of the trees in the garden and it was grinning. He heard some strange noises  in their room also. Instantly he returned in that room and saw his friends were sleeping and there were no one else. He tried to sleep just then he noticed someone was moving around him in the room.  He became afraid at that sight. He wanted to shout but he could not. After half an hour he fell asleep.

On the 3rd day in the morning when he woke up he told his friends everything in details. They did not believe it but in the night when everyone was sleeping Kamal woke up and heard the sound of anklets in the bathroom. He went to see but could not see anything. When he was coming back he felt someone touching his shoulder. He looked back and saw a bloody hand on his shoulder. Seeing this scene he screamed. But his friends could not hear and he fell down there being senseless. But he was more surprised by seeing himself sleeping on the bed. He told everything to his friends but Rahim did not believe him because he did not believe in the supernatural things.

On the last day that means 4th day, they wanted to buy something so they went to the market. They bought many things in the market. Rahim felt uneasy so he came back soon leaving them in the market. When he came it was 8 p.m.. After half an hour the electricity went off. Suddenly he heard the sound of anklets in the balcony. He went to see but he could not see anything. He came back in the room. He felt afraid at this time. Then he heard the sound of dropping of water. He went to the bathroom and saw there was no water on the floor. He returned in the room. Then after a few minutes he noticed someone was washing cloth in the bathroom. He felt more afraid and was trembling but he went to see. He saw a young woman washing clothes with blood. He became more frightened than ever and tried to shout. But he could not do it. That woman ran at him. Again he shouted for help but nobody came. The woman with fiery eyes and bloody hand attacked him. The he fell and became senseless on the floor. 

When he got his sense back, he saw himself on the bed in the hospital. He heard from his friends that when they came back from the market they saw him falling on the floor smearing with blood and it was bleeding from his body. Then they brought him to the hospital with the help of the manager of the hotel.
Later on, Manager told them that before many days a young woman was killed in that bathroom. Since then that room was locked up.
This was the first time they got into that room after that occurrence. After two days Rahim being cured they came back home.

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