Friday, 5 August 2016

Future Tense--Future Indefinite Tense

Future Tense

*** Future Tense is again classified into four classes.

       1.      Future  Indefinite  Tense
       2.      Future Continuous Tense
       3.      Future  Perfect Tense
      4.      Future   Perfect Continuous Tense

Future Indefinite Tense

Future Indefinite Tense: Future Indefinite Tense is used to express an action that will take place in Future at sometime but not any definite time.

Example: I shall play football tomorrow.
                He will go with me.
                You will stay here.

***Shall and will are used as auxiliary verb.
***Shall is used with 1st person and will is used with 2nd person, 3rd  and all types of plural numbers.

***Structure: Sub+shall/will+v+ob+extension.

I shall come to meet you.
They will come tonight.
We will go to market.
He will teach me.
I shall help you in your work.

Negative Sentence:

***Structure: Sub+shall/will+not+v+ob+extension.

They will not play with us.
I shall not come here again.
The teacher will not teach him anymore.
He will not go to school tomorrow.
I shall not apply for the job.
We will not waste our time anymore.

Noted that if it seems obligatory will is used with 1st person singular number and shall is used with rest of the persons.

I will do it.
He shall come here.
We shall finish the work within two hours.

***Structure: Shall/will+sub+v+ob+extension?

Will you help me?
Shall I come to meet you?
Will your father come here?
Will the man give you money?
Will you tell this to your brother?

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