Sunday, 14 August 2016

My grand-parents

Grand-parents are the parents of our parents. They are the source of our generations. We could not come on earth if they were not born. I have grandparents. They are very pious and say prayers fives time. They play a vital role in our lives. They love me and foster me too much. I read in a school. They help me in my study. At first they have taught me how to read and write. If I don’t want to read well they suggest me in many ways and tell the benefits of study. My parents respect and love them too much. If my parents say anything to me rudely they protest it. I sleep with them at night. They tell me nice fairy tales and old events. They are the most respectable persons in the world. They do many things for our betterment and success. They advice me not to quarrel and fight with others in the school and outside of the school. They do many sociable works for the poor people. They help the needy people in their distress. If I fall ill they become very anxious. If I am away from them I feel very bad. I respect and love them too much.  Everybody should love and respect their grand-parent too.

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