Friday, 5 August 2016

Past Perfect Tense

Past Perfect Tense

Past Perfect Tense:  Past Perfect Tense is used to refer to the action that happened before another action.

Example: He had reached there before we came.
                The teacher had come before the students stood up.
***The sentence which will be used as Past Perfect Tense need had as an auxiliary verb and its main verb will be in past participle form.

***Between two works which happened before that will Past Perfect Tense and which happened after will be Past Indefinite Tense.

***Structure-1: Sub+had+vpp+ob+before+Past Tense.

The patient had died before the doctor came.
The thief had run away before the police came.
The mother had come before the child fell from the cot.

***Structure-2: Sub+vpt+ob+after+Past Perfect Tense.

The patient died after the doctor had come.
It started to rain after I had come home.
Father went away after he had seen his son.

Negative Sentence:
 ***Structure-3: Sub+had+not+vpp+before+Past Tense.

He had not done his work before We reached there.
They had not started the game before the opposite team came.

Structure-4: Had+Sub+vpp+before+Past Tense?

Had she finished her duty before you reached there?
Had the patient died before the doctor came?

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