Friday, 5 August 2016

Past Continuous Tense

Past Continuous Tense

Past Continuous Tense: Past Continuous Tense is used to express the action going on for sometime in the past times.

Was and were are used as auxiliary verb. Was is used for 1st and 3rd person and were is used for 2nd person and for all sorts of plural numbers.

I was plucking flowers.
She was dancing.

***Structure-1: sub+was/were+v+ing+ob+extension.

The policeman was running after the thief.
The dog was barking loudly seeing the man.
They were sleeping very soundly.
He was running in the sun.

Negative Sentence:

***Structure-2: sub+was/were+not+v+ing+ob+extension.

He was doing his duty properly.
I was not sleeping then.
We were not going to the market.

Interrogative Sentence:

***Structure-3: was/were+ sub+v+ing+ob+extension?

Were you trembling seeing him?
Were you going home?
What were they doing then?
What was your teacher teaching you?

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