Sunday, 21 August 2016

Gift of God ( Story )


Once upon a time, a plate of gold fell from the heaven. There was written on it that this plate of gold is for the man whose heart is the purest. It was kept in the church.  The main priest declared to come the right person and accept that wonderful gift of God.

A great number of people gathered to take it. At first some pious men gathered in front of the church. They told that they were the nearest and dearest people of God who always worship him. So, they were the right people for the plate of gold fallen from the heaven and it was their gift. They all claimed for the plate. The priest called them one by one and told to take it. Whenever they touched the plate it turned into the silver one that is worth nothing and then instantly they returned home with bare hand.

A group of rich people came and claimed to be owner of the plate. They demanded that they were the richest people of the city and they always gave a lot of money to the poor people. They fed the unfed. They also told that they have established many churches and orphanages, built many houses for the poor. And the guest houses for the passers-by to take rest. So anyone of them must be the owner of the gift. When, like before one by one approached and touched that plate of gold it turned into iron or silver or any other normal metal. So, for this reason, they were not given it and they went back with bare hands like the others.

This news scattered all over the area and a lot of people gathered there. Along with the people many beggars also came with a view to get lot of alms. Some of the beggars were lame, blind, physically disabled and many more were just like them. Some simple folk also came to see the plate of gold. Some people were enjoying the scenery of the crowd and the condition of the disabled beggars and made fun of them.

Like others, a simple young and honest man also came to see the gift of God. He found that a lot of people gathered there for gaining that priceless plate of gold. Someone has come to see it like him. He saw the beggars also. The condition of some of the beggars were too much horrible. This scene touched the young man’s mind. He felt grief at seeing one the beggars such miserable condition. Tears rolled down his cheek. He stroked his hand softly on that beggar’s head with sympathetic mind and consoled him by telling some soothing words to remove his sorrow. But he could not give him any money because he had no money in his pocket. For such type of his behavior the beggar being pleased prayed for him to almighty God. Then the man approached to the gift of gold. He begged permission to the chief of the church to see and touch it. He was allowed to do it. Whenever he touched the plate, it started to shine more brightly than before.

There some sentences were written on that plate, ‘This plate of gold is only for you’, ‘Your heart is the purest’ and  ‘Your mind is soft and mild that cries for others and you deserve this invaluable gift’. Every one near him was astonished seeing the scenery. After this, the chief of the church declared him as the owner of the gift and it was handed over to the honest, deserving and sympathetic young man. Thus the gift of God was delivered to the deserving candidate to prove the existence of God.     

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  1. too too too much young man he,in this condition of the world the is just few good peoples but more few like this people

    out-standing story this