Friday, 5 August 2016

Present Continuous Tense

Present Continuous Tense

***Present Continuous Tense:  Present Continuous Tense expresses an action going on at the time of speaking.

Example: I am doing my work.
                She is reading the book.

***Structure-1: sub+am/is/are+v+ing+ob+extension.

Noted that ‘am’ for  1st person, ‘is’ for 3rd person, ‘are’ for 2nd  person and all sorts of plural numbers.

I am writing a letter.
He is playing cricket.
You are walking alone on the street.
We are waiting for you.
They are disturbing us.
My father is coming here.
Your brother is helping me.

***Negative Sentence:

***Structure-2: sub+am/is/are+not+v+ing+ob+extension.
He is not digging the soil.
She is not eating rice.
You are not reading the book.
We are not coming tonight.
They are not playing football now.

***Interrogative Sentence:
 *** Structure-3: Am/is/are+sub+v+ing+ob+extension?

 What are you doing here?
Is he coming here?
Am I disturbing you?

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