Monday, 15 August 2016

Incorrect and correct sentences ( Part-7 )

Incorrect: He is a best writer.
Correct: He is a good writer.
Incorrect: He dares not to come here.
Correct: He dare not come here.
Incorrect: I shall avail this opportunity.
Correct: I shall avail myself of this opportunity.
Incorrect: Asad is fond about swimming.
Correct: Asad is fond of swimming.
Incorrect: Each of us were present in the class.
Correct: Each of us was present in the class.
 Incorrect: This is secret between you and I.
Correct: This is secret between you and me.
Incorrect: Sun will rise in an hour.
Correct:  The sun will rise in an hour.
Incorrect: He is here for five years.
Correct: He has been here for five years.
Incorrect: The patient is very better today.
Correct: The patient is much better today.
Incorrect: Let you and he be witness.
Correct: Let you and him be witness.
Incorrect: Rahim as well as his brother were invited to the party.
Correct: Rahim as well as his brother was invited to the party.
Incorrect: I have come last night.
Correct: I came last night.
Incorrect: Tell me who are you.
Correct: Tell me who you are.
Incorrect: His English knowledge is poor.
Correct: His knowledge in English is poor.
Incorrect: I wrote him yesterday.
Correct: I wrote to him yesterday.
Incorrect: Being a fine day we went out for a walk.
Correct: It having been a fine day we went out for a walk.
Incorrect: Why you make a noise?
Correct: Why do you make a noise?
Incorrect: I am too glad to see you.
Correct: I am very glad to see you.
Incorrect: Is there any place in your bench?
Correct: Is there any room in your bench?
Incorrect: Let us aim to do good.
Correct: Let us aim at doing good/well.

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