Friday, 5 August 2016

Future Continuous Tense

Future Continuous Tense

Future Continuous Tense: Future Continuous Tense is used to express an action that will be going place in Future at sometime.

 ***Shall be/will be are used as auxiliary verb.

***Structure : sub+shall be/will be+v+ing+ob+extension.

The flowers will be blooming in the morning.
The bees will be buzzing.
We will be waiting for you.
He will be playing cricket.

Negative Sentence:
***Structure : sub+shall/will not be+v+ing+ob+extension.

I shall not be sleeping now.
He will not be waiting for me.
They will not be swimming in the pond.
Birds will not be chirping.

Interrogative Sentence:

***Structure : shall/will+sub be+v+ing+ob+extension?

Will you be reading then?
Will the boys be playing in the field?
Shall I be working till then?
Will the man be doing his duty?

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