Friday, 19 August 2016


Smartness is a very good quality of a person. The word ‘Smartness’ comes from the word smart which means the neatness, tidiness and cleanness. It may be in the style of behaviors, words or in dresses.  A person who is smart is liked by all. Now in this modern civilization everyone tries to be smart to keep pace with others. A person who wears new dress and keeps himself neat and tidy is called a smart person. The smart person tries to present himself as the fittest for any kind of work. Is there anyone who does not want to be smart? Everyone wants to be smart in his private as well as in the public life and shows his blend of styles to others. In many cases it is seen that smart guys are more successful than the un-smart guys. Smartness shows the criteria of the person’s quality. Smartness indicates whether the person is intelligent or not. Smartness also represents the taste of the good personality which can bring him success in life. Now it is also the indicative of the fashionable rich people. He who is smart of course attracts the attention of others.

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