Saturday, 13 August 2016

A Tyrant Queen (story)

After many years hence people will be able to know that there was a very oppressive, power greedy, giantess, treacherous and tyrant queen on earth.  She was so dangerous that she tortured and oppressed irrespective of men, women, caste and creed due to obtain power and to make it exist longer. She never hesitated to kill even the faultless people.
She was called the well-wisher of the people but actually she was evil in the sly. People did not dare to say anything in front of her government in fear of their lives. She and her followers looted the property of the state and the people. In the name of rule in iron hand she established the mission of killing the innocent people. Even the opposition parties were also suppressed and threatened of their lives if anything was heard to tell against her government.
The people of the society were kidnapped and always kept in alarming. All the law enforcement were in the grip of her hand and worked in favor of her opinion to sustain the present position intact. The renowned and rich people were also abducted for money by the law enforcement or the hooligans. Laws and rules of the country deteriorated   and lawlessness prevailed throughout the country. Who will suppress her wherever she is herself against the human rights?  She would think this country to be her heritage. She would not listen to the people. Whatever she liked she would do it. She never cared about others’ opinions. Whatever she said, it was absolutely opposite in reality.
She claimed herself to be the leader of the people. It is totally making and nothing but bombastic words.  She was actually devil behind it. Her oppressing government last very few years.  All the people could make out of their rights, got together and raised their voice in one. The oppressive government fell down and all the giant followers fled away from the country to their supporting countries where they sent their consuming money.
The so called queen also fled away from the country leaving her blind, ignorant and   uncivilized followers behind. In this way the terrible situation of the country ended and the law prevailed its natural flame again. A new peaceful government ascended the throne and people started to live peacefully under the peace-loving government. It was reported that that monstrous and treacherous queen died terribly after a few years of the destruction of her reign. People also became happy at the news of the demise of that demon-like, giantess and tyrant queen.

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