Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Your Parents

Parents are the source of life on earth. We have seen the light of the world through them. They are our best friends, best guides, greatest philosophers and well wishers. We have been brought up with their loving care and affection. They sacrifice their comforts for the sake of us. So I love and respect my parents, more than anyone else on the earth.  My father is a teacher. He is a man of excellent habits and discipline. He takes care of us. He wants us to be highly educated. My mother does all house hold works with her own hands. There is a maid servant to help her. She looks after us and cooks fine recipe for us. She takes care of us, properly dress me up when I come to school.  My parents maintain a good relation with our relatives and neighbors. They always think of our welfare. I am indeed grateful to Allah for blessing my life with such parents.

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