Saturday, 30 April 2016

A dialogue between a Principal and student.

Student: May I come in, Sir?
Principal: Yes, please come in.
Student:  Good morning, Sir.
Principal: Good morning, what’s that you want?
Student: Sir, will you kindly give a T.C.?
Principal: T.C.? What makes you seek in the middle of  the session?
Student: My father has been transferred to Rajshahi, Sir.
Principal: But can’t you stay in the hostel for the rest of the months. I shall manage all for you.
Student: Excuse me Sir. I also stay but I had had a serious disease recently.
Principal: Is it so? Then you must have a T.C. Which college would you like to get admitted?
Student: Rajshahi Government College, Sir.
Principal: A good College, indeed. I wish your success in your whole life.
Student:  Thank you very much, Sir.
Principal: Best of luck.

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