Saturday, 30 April 2016

A dialogue between two friends after a long time.

Joshim: Good morning, Dany. It’s a long time we met.
Dany: Good morning, Joshim. Yes, my dear friend. How are you?
Joshim: Very fine. Where had you been so long?
Dany: I had been in England. I got a scholarship and went there.
Joshim: Oh! it’s a good news for me.
Dany: What are you are doing now?
Joshim: I am teaching in a College and you?
Dany: I am also a teacher of Harvard University.
Joshim: Well, my dear friend. I am proud of you.
Dany: By the by what drinks do you like tea or coffee?
Joshim: No, thanks, my dear friend. I am to leave now.
Dany: Good bye dear friend. See you again.
Joshim: Good bye. See you.

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