Wednesday, 13 April 2016

My Reading Room

I am a student. I have a reading room.
I have a table and a chair in my reading room . I have a book-shelf made of bamboo and cane. Most of my books and exercise books are well arranged. I always keep my pen, ink-pot, pencils, instruments, box and other necessary articles in an orderly fashion .  I never gossip with my friends in my reading room. My reading room has a door and a window.  It is ventilated. I have a table-fan and table-lamp on my table. Whenever I enter into my reading room I feel a sense of ease, comfort and relief.  All my cares and anxieties are gone as soon as I take my seat before the table in my reading room. I have decorated it with some paintings and calendars. I am proud of my reading room.     

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