Friday, 29 April 2016

My Aim in Life

Aim in life is an important factor in man’s life because life without aim is like a ship without a rudder. In present world, there are many professions. The young students have to choose any one of them. I am a student. I have decided to be a good teacher of English department. I know many students are weak in English. So they can’t do well in the examination. If I become a teacher I will be able to help these students as far as it is possible. To fulfill my aim, at first, I have to complete honors course and masters in English. Then I have to join in any school/college as an English teacher. Though teaching is not so attractive profession for the young men, I think it is an ideal one. A good teacher is the builder of a good nation and the characters of the young people. A teacher is the pioneer of any country. All the leaders, high officials, doctors, engineers and the future are built in the hands of the teachers. So, I think, it is more respectable and noble profession than any other profession to me. And I will sacrifice my life by teaching the students and building a good nation.

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