Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Self-reliance means to depend on one self. Self-reliant man never depends on others. He thinks that self help is the best help. It is a great virtue of a man. Allah helps those who help themselves. A self reliant man has enough confidence on his works. He never looks for other's helps. He can face any type of difficulty and problem in his life. He succeeds at every step of his life. Self-reliance makes his confident level very high. A nation without self-reliance cannot prosper. One should not depend on other's help. It is a very dangerous disease that causes terrific problem in any body’s personal life. If a country depends on other country's or others' aid or loan, it is down upon. Similarly, everybody pities on the man who depends on others. All the great men depended on their abilities to succeed in their lives. So, we should also depend on ourselves and be self-reliant so that we can build a happy and prosperous life and can succeed in every step of our lives.

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