Friday, 22 April 2016

A Road Accident

It was about 3 p.m. November 18 last.  I was walking along the Nawabpur  road, Dhaka, towards the  Bangabandhu  Avenue. A boy was going the same way. He was a few steps ahead of me. Suddenly he turned and started to cross the road. He had just moved to the middle of the road when all in a sudden a motor car came on and knocked him down. The car stopped with sound. I ran to the boy in the twinkling an eye. I thought   he was dead. Thank Allah, he was alive. He lay senseless with the shock and wounds he received. Meanwhile a crowd had gathered there. They began to hurl angry words, sharp comments and even abuses at the driver. But I took little notice of their agitated mood. I took the wounded boy into the medical college hospital. There the doctors and nurses took every care of him and about 6 p.m. he opened his eyes and looked at us. I then got the address of the boy from him and informed his parents of the sad accident.

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