Saturday, 30 April 2016

A conversation between a teacher and a student about the post office.

Teacher: Where are you going, Alif?
Student: I’m going to the post office, Sir.
Teacher: Why?
Student: To post this letter to my brother, Sir.
Teacher: Well, but I don’t see stamp on it.
Student: I will buy and fix it on the letter.
Teacher: Do you know why you have to put a stamp on the letter?
Student: Yes, Sir, that is to show that I have paid for the letter to be taken to its addressee.
Teacher: And what does it happen if no stamp is put on the letter?
Student: It is then marked bearing and the addressee has to pay the post man double price for it.
Teacher: That is right. Now tell how letters are taken from place to place.
Student: By the rail or steamer or by the plane or by the runner.
Teacher: And who delivers to the addressee?
Student: Postman, Sir.
Teacher: How are letters are sent to the right people?
Student: The post man reads the address written on the envelope and gives the letters to the right person.
Teacher: You are right. Thank you.
Student: Thank you, Sir.

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